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Your deck is a place to relax, enjoy the outdoors, grill and entertain friends and family. A deck that has not been maintained and is peeling, faded or had rotted wood, is an eyesore and will keep you from using it as much as you would like to.

Why do you need to wash and stain your deck?

A deck needs as much or more maintenance than any other part of your home. It is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day. Prolonged exposure to weather and UV rays results in the dry, cracked and wavy look you see on older decks that have not been maintained.

Here in North Carolina, rain, humidity and intensely hot summer days can age wood and make your deck look a lot less desirable in just a few short years. Regular maintenance and the use of high quality stains and sealants will keep your deck looking beautiful and make it a place you will want to show off.

Lignin is one the main components of wood that gives it strength and holds it together. Our weather here in the south can break down the lignin and fibers in the wood leaving it grey and weathered. As an example, have you ever been on an aged deck barefoot and thought that if you were not careful, you were going to get splinters in your feet or catch your toe on a nail sticking up?

Mildew is another problem caused by moisture on the surface of the wood. It causes staining on the wood and can make it quite slippery when it is wet.


Our Process:

Every deck is different and will require its own unique approach on the way to being refreshed.

  • You may have recently stained your deck and just need it washed as part of a yearly maintenance program:
  • You might need a deck wash and a deck staining using the same color.
  • Some people want a whole different look. This may require stripping the old stain and properly washing the deck. Once the deck has had enough time to dry, new stain can be applied.
  • We can also check for loose boards and rotting wood and replace them before the washing and staining process.

We don’t power wash your deck, We Restore It. We use only the highest quality products to stain and seal the deck. Having been around the deck cleaning business for over 20 years, we have the experience needed to explain which products are best suited for your particular needs in terms of overall performance.

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