I use a proprietary cleaner I have developed over the last 25 years. This cleaner is harmless to plants. High pressure is never used to clean the wood. This can gouge the wood and do more damage than good. I let the cleaner do the work for me.


Stripping removes the old stain and brings out the wood’s natural beauty. This process removes dirt, mildew, and stains using strong, but safe biodegradable cleaners. I use commercial grade wood detergents that give you the best possible results, even on wood that’s severely damaged by sun and rain. The stripping cleaners soak deep into the wood before we begin the washing process.


After we strip the wood, the surface is pressure-washed using very light pressure. The pressure is so light, that our technicians can put their bare hand in front of the spray. Of course, you should never do this at home yourself. A very light pressure prevents damage to the wood surface. We wash every nook and cranny multiple times to wash out as much stripper as possible.


Once the wood has been washed, a special proprietary brightener is applied to bring out the natural beauty and color of the wood. This leaves the surface of the wood bright and brings the pH of the wood back down so it will accept the stain.


Weathering causes wood surfaces to crack, splinter, and warp. I set all nails, Router and sand all hand rail caps.


I use an oil based stain/sealer. This deep-penetrating, tinted oil brings out wood’s natural grain while also providing long-term water, UV and mold/mildew protection. I apply the stain and then back brush it deep into the wood.

Deck Maintenance

Your deck will require maintenance approximately every two to 3 years for horizontal surfaces and 4 to 5 years for vertical surfaces. This varies depending on the amount of sun your deck gets. The cost is a lot less for this service than the original restoration job.

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